Boring / Honing w/Torque Plates
Line Boring / Honing Mains
Line Bore Cam Bores
Squaring of Deck
Sleeve Cylinders
Deburring - Grind out for Stroker Assembly
Welding - Aluminum and Cast
Pressure Testing
Crack Repair - Stiching
HeliCoil Bolt Holes
Rod Reconditioning
Pin Fitting and Rebushing
Pin Fitting in Pistons
Press Pistons On/Off Rods
Chamfer and Polishing of Cranks - Deburring
Complete Balancing Facility
Heavy Metal for Internally Balanced Cranks
Balancing for Industrial Pulleys, etc.
Competition Valve Jobs - 9 Angle Seats/2 Angle Valves
Serdi H.P. System
Install Bronze Guides for Liners
Install Valve Seats - Std/Oversize, any type of Material
Machine for Screw in Studs
Install Larger Valves - Bowl Work
Machine for Teflon Seals
Machine Spring Seats - Larger/Deeper
Porting Heads - Aluminum/Steel
Porting Intakes
Pressure Testing
C.C. Chambers and Ports
Milling / Angle Milling
Cleaning - Glass Beading
Welding - Aluminum and Cast
Complete Engine Assembly from Pan to Carb.
Cam Degreeing - Piston to Valve Clearance
Custom Header Building/Fabrication
Manual Transmission Rebuilding
Rear End Gear Setup
Chassis Fabrication
Tig, Mig, and Gas Welding
Plasma Cutting
Dry/Wet Sump Oil Pan Repair
See and Feel the Potential of our Engine Dyno
Super Fine Tune Your Car with our Chassis Dyno
Your Very Own Professional Pit Crew by Your Side at any Event
We Stock a Complete Line of Performance Parts
Blocks / Cranks / Rods / Pistons / Rings / Cams / Carburetors /
Bearings / Valve Train / Fasteners